Mathy Bowling

Are you wondering what to do with the kids now that they are home for more than a week for the holidays? Yes, Christmas occupied you for a bit. And maybe you've got something fun going on for New Year's Eve. But what are you going to do with them in between? Something fun...something educational...something... Continue Reading →

Last Minute Mathy Gifts

Each year I expect this will be the year that I feel organized and composed for the holiday season. I will have gifts bought and wrapped without feeling time pressure or financial lunacy. I will have cards sent, menus chosen, and guests invited at the appropriate times (i.e. not the week before Christmas.) Of course,... Continue Reading →

Two! Four! Six! Eight!

C'mon, you can't help it. You HAVE to say "who do we appreciate?!" It's one of those automatic things that just happens. (I am willing to concede that perhaps this only happens if you've grown up the U.S. and have had some exposure to cheering for a team.) You might roll your eyes at it,... Continue Reading →

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