I’m Pam Brockmeier Armstrong. I began my career as a “business analyst and consultant”, but soon discovered that the roles I was most drawn to were those associated with teaching. So I switched careers and became a high school math teacher. I taught in public school. I taught in private school. Then my first son was born, and I became a stay-at-home parent.

This blog captures and shares the moments in our day that get mathy. And there are lots of them. How could there not be? Math is the universal language! My new classroom is wherever my kids and I are at any given moment. My students are my two sons (two boys, now 7 and 4 years old.)

Most of the time I simply take advantage of what’s happening  in the moment. Periodically I search out specific ideas and lessons. Usually I follow my kids’ lead. Sometimes I guide my children. At it’s best, it goes back and forth. My intention is to enhance the natural paths that they are exploring already. My purpose is to fuel their curiosity and creativity.

Why blog? Because math causes a lot of stress to a lot of people. Along with literacy, it is usually considered THE most important subject at school. And yet many people are uncomfortable with it. The purpose of this blog is to share the simple ways that I intentionally incorporate math education into my kids’ everyday activities (or to point out the ways that I see it happening without my having to be intentional at all!)  Maybe you’ll notice it in your own family, maybe you’ll try something new, and hopefully you’ll have some of your own moments to share.


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