Board Games, Not Bored Games

I can't believe I haven't written about board games yet. If there is one and only one thing you do to promote mathematical thinking in your home, make it board games. Start with any board game. Yes, that means you may have to start with Candy Land or Chutes and Ladders. Ugh. My childhood memories of... Continue Reading →

Mod Clocks

  Sometimes math sneaks up on my kids and me while we are playing (like when we made potholders), and sometimes I force it a little. This is a time when I forced it a little. Because who would ever think of making a clock with only 2 or 3 or 5 numbers on it?... Continue Reading →

Weaving Patterns

  The 7-year-old caught the norovirus the other day. After a rough night and a weak day following, he stayed home from school today "just to be sure." Which means I had a seemingly healthy child sitting around the house wondering how to occupy himself. A few months ago I bought two weaving loom toys in anticipation of... Continue Reading →

Nighttime Math Talk #3

  My husband tucked the 4-year-old into bed tonight and relayed this story: "Oh, you're going to like this, Pam. He asked if twenty-ten was a real number." "Well, what  did you say?" (Do you sense the wariness in my question? No doubt Husband did.) "I told him it was, of course. Twenty-ten is a... Continue Reading →

Coffee Shop Math

Sometimes it's nice to manipulate “quality time” with your kid to also be “happy time” for yourself. So I periodically suggest to the kids that we ride our bikes or walk or, yes, even ski to a local coffee shop (okay, the ski option does not present itself often, but it did happen once, so I can... Continue Reading →

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