More Skip Counting to School

I was wondering how to build on the mathy moment the 6-year-old and I had last week, when the moment presented itself. As he packed his backpack for school, I noticed that the kid was singing the 2's to himself...2, 4, 6, 8, 10, etc. I asked him if he'd ever be able to get... Continue Reading →

Skip Counting To School

It's getting harder to create spontaneous mathy moments with my kids. Most of the time, they are in school. When they come home, I'd rather they run around outside. So, I have to pay attention and seek opportunities. The 6-year-old and I were walking to school yesterday, when he started to count his steps. So... Continue Reading →

Colors and Markers and Math!

Memorizing multiplication tables is one of those walls in math. Kids either scale it or struggle with it, and if you're a kid who struggles with it, it will become the thing that holds you back even though you may understand the higher order math processes that you learn later. Some people brush this struggle... Continue Reading →

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