Reflecting on Things

“Look! Look what I made! It’s a snowflake!” cried out one child. “See what I’m doing! There are so many of me!” exclaimed another. “Mine looks like a flower…no!…now it looks like the sun!”

These were the sounds of a wonderful day with my preschool Math Explorers class. Ten 4-year-olds excitedly investigating and playing with leaves and shapes and mirror books. Their excitement and curiosity and unselfconscious joy at playing with these items reminded me that I should bring my mirror books out again for my own children, even though they are not 4 years old anymore. So this afternoon my kids will get home from school and find two mirror books set up on the kitchen table. Try it with your kids, too. It might delay the requests for screen time by just a few minutes!

Here is the original mirror book post from 2 years ago: Mirror Mirror. Enjoy!

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